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"Whisper is a puzzle game about sound shaping our reality.
Human perception is guided by visual input.
We know that a tree is a tree because it looks like a tree.
What if we took that away?
If you hear the sound of a falling tree,
but no one can see it, are you still in a forest?
Knock on wood."

About the game:

Whisper is a short interactive experience about the way we perceive reality in games and the contrast that may occur if we are presented with an environment in which our senses receive inputs on a different level of detail.

This might sound a bit vague, but every further detail would spoil the game, as it aims to be a short experience that may be played through in around 40 minutes.

Though the goal of the game is mainly to let the player experience something hardly doable with other mediums, this doesn't happen without actual interaction: puzzle solving is a core feature that helps the player immersing in the weird reality of the game, taking his characteristics to the extreme and paradoxical consequences.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and then simply start the application (.exe or .app depending from the OS), but first of all... put on some headphones, as they are crucial to the experience!

Also, as the game is in a super-early-prototype stage (though it took a while to develop it) there might be some annoying bugs popping out, but don't worry, the code is currently being re-written to make the game lighter and get rid of all of them :D


Whisper - Windows (7/8/10) (215 MB)

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